Men's Fellowship

Men’s Fellowship “Clear Mind Project”
The Men’s Fellowship is charged with prayerfully discerning, empowering and unifying men in the church, in the community and of God. The men fellowship’s actions are conceptualized through it’s “The Clear Mind Project” which provide clarity of purpose and a plan of action to help people make better righteous decisions based on Freedom from sin, Feudalism, understanding where you reside and Faith, what does the Bible has to say? Our mode of operation authenticity is parallel with the Old Testament book of Nehemiah, which is our Ship of Zion sailing parenthetically to do our duty to God and our duty to our fellow man through the Great Commission.
Our Scriptural “seed” references are Nehemiah 1:4-11 and Mark 1:1. These seeds are planted in our souls to understand we are called to be mentors by Christ! PEACE & LOVE President Calvin L Shingler, Deacon