Meet The Senior Pastor


From the Pastor's Pen
     As Pastor of the Community Bible Baptist Church (CBBC) I am delighted and blessed the Lord led you to seek membership with this local church.  As a Bible believing, Bible teaching Church we strive to please Christ as we serve the Kingdom of God and diligently carry out the Great Commission.
     This is a great time for God's people and a great time for the Community family, as we embark on a new journey in our new home.  The Lord continues to bless us and has opened many doors for us.  As we grow in grace and in knowledge, the church is forced to brace itself for dramatic changes for the better.  God has given me the vision for the church, but I need your help to carry out that vision.  As we grow we must develop ministries and systems that meet the needs of the congregation.
     The Handbook provides a look at the duties and responsibilities of officers and ministries of the Church.  During these critical times the church is in need of strong spiritual leaders who will lead the body of Christ in meaningful ministries that will feed the hungry, clothe the naked, tend to the sick, visit the incarcerated and bring light to a dark world, as Jesus has commanded us to do.
     The Member's Handbook is the finished product of a need to provide the church body with a comprehensive overview of the ministries of the church, while introducing the Tribal Systems to the congregation.  I ask that you embrace this Tribal System, and your Tribal family, to build unity among the body of Christ here at Community.  The Tribal System also places emphasis on the spiritual covering of our new members.  The tribes are to welcome our new members and build strong loving family relationships that will stop the Church from being a revolving door for saints in need of love and attention.
     I thank you for your continued prayers and support as I do the will of the Father at Community Bible Baptist Church.
Yours in Christ,
Clevester O. Wimbish, Pastor