Rev. Dinah Bimbo Travers, Associate Minister

Dinah Bembo Travers, the proud daughter of Marion Leroy and Martha Benbow Titus, natives of Lynchburg, SC.  They were from a family of pastors and preachers. Educated at Lee County Public Schools in Lynchburg, South Carolina.
She is a United States Federal Government employee with more than forty years of public service.  Her career has tendered high level positions within the White House and other Federal agencies, currently she is with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
On August 16, 1997, she married Daryl A. Travers.  They have five adult children and twenty-four grandchildren.  

Most importantly she is a believer in Jesus Christ.   In 1971 she accepted the Lord at the age of twelve on a Mourner’s Bench and she was baptized at St. Matthews A.M.E. Church in her original hometown of Lynchburg, S.C.  
At an impressionable age of fifteen, she was appointed the youngest church secretary and attended the Baptist Conventions with the late Pastor Robert Ellis and her spiritual leader the late Mr. T.R. Robinson. 
She completed High School at the age of eighteen, and in 1980, and moved to Washington, DC.   She joined Free Gospel Deliverance Temple under the direction of Apostle Bishop Ralph E. Green in Coral Hills, MD.  Later in 1999 joined Community Bible Baptist Church with her husband under the direction of Pastor Clevester O. Wimbish.
She learned training on the job, attending college courses and conferences to further her educational knowledge and studies to enhance my abilities.  Additionally, she attended the National Baptist Convention, for several years and the Conference of Washington, DC & Vicinity, furthering her understanding and relationship of the Gospel.  She enjoys studying the gospel and the passion to know Christ.  She is richly educated in the gospel and still learning with the desire to learn.
  • She has been nominated and appointed Church Secretary May 23, 2013 – January 17, 2018; 
  • She was the Helping Hand Secretary for six years;
  • 2015 served on the choir;
  • Chairwoman for the Church and Pastor Anniversary from October, 2012 – October, 2016 for 5 years.
She had a call on her life to preach the gospel and she informed Pastor Wimbish, June 2016.
Sunday, October 1, 2017 she announced to the church her call as she accepted the call.
She is a committed servant of the Lord and excited about where God is guiding her.  She will enroll in a Theologians Seminary in 2018.
She is affectionately known as “mother or grandma”.